Gregg P. Stradiotto

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All Netsuke and Okimono presented in these pages are all carved using the same techniques and tools.

Nature and Man Series

Okimono (Small Sculpture)

Moose Antler

4 1/2  x 2  x 1   /   11.5  x  5  x  2.5  cm.

   The Mother Raptor ( Clarity of Thought, Vision and Nature), in quiet resignation offers her body to the  androgynous child who consumes her flesh.  All of her must be ingested by the child to access a golden egg (not seen) within her chest.


At the top of the Mother's head is an 8 pointed clock with an eye in the center.
The clock is a symbol for 8 directions North, South East West, Up, Down, In, Out.
Descending from the clock are 3 feathers which extend the length of her back and represent Mind, Heart and reproductive powers.


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