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Man and Nature Series

                                                                Private Collection


            The  Apprentice         La Vita Nuova       La Vita Nuovo           The  Sibling

              Moose Antler            Old Walrus          Old Walrus               Old Walrus 

                                              All pieces are 3 1/8 x 1 in. / 8  x 2.5 cm. tall,  

                                             La vita Nuova_ 2 3/4 x 7/8 in.  /  7  x  2.25 cm.


The four anthropomorphic figures have common symbols and representation whch link them in theme.


   Androgynous Child:  Human Kind / Compassion / Trust / Fearlessness /

                                     Vulnerability-  Innocence


    Raptor (bird):  Clarity of Vision and thought / outward movement, sky

    Spiral Staff:   Evolution / DNA / Ancestry / Ancestors

    Spiral:   Infinity


     Egg:    New life / possibilities for change / birth / evolution


     Bag:    The Mystery in life: The Unknown / The Unconscious

     Bare Human Feet:    Connection to the Earth / Earth


        The Apprentice                                      Moose Antler_Amber_Gold Leaf


     The Sibling                                    Walrus_Amber-Gold Leaf



                La Vita Nova (Feminine)             Walrus           La Vita Nuovo (Masculine)


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