Gregg P. Stradiotto

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The Netsuke and Okimono presented  in these pages, are all carved using the same techniques and tools.

Okimono (Small Sculpture)

Moose Antler_Gabon Ebony_Mammoth Tusk_Horn

5 1/2 in  /  14 cm.  Tall


                                Life and Death. caccoon and mummy

  Bound like a  mummy and trapped in a box of constructs of belief and structures of perception, the figure stands in a gear representing the separation from the natural world.
A dove like bird symbolizing freedom and the natural, world  begins gently unwinding the gauze bindings.   The bindings will only be removed to the level of a key held by a single finer of the figure, after which complete freedom and metamorphosis will be in the hands and will of the figure itself.



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