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The Unforgiven

All Netsuke and Okimono presented in these pages are all carved using the same techniques and tools.


Okimono  (Small Sculpture)

Moose Antler_Amber_Gold Leaf

 5 1/2 inch  /  14.5 cm    Tall


The young androgynous child moves from the Left shoulder (Death) to the Right (Life) of the Bull Headed (stubborn) beast, who painfully pulls at his chest with his Right hand in an attempt to find his Heart long since given up and lost.

In the beast's Left hand he holds his Phallus (creative powers) which is a serpent with a skull (death) in it's mouth.  The Beast has given up it's creative abilities for self indulgence and power, the whole of it's life.

The phallus / serpent evolves from the tail of the beast and the lowest part of his spine (self).

The Child (innocence / forgiveness / compassion) offers him a last chance to to live his life in the form of a bouquet of flowers (compassion / Love).

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