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All Netsuke and Okimono presented in these pages are all carved using the same techniques and tools.

Nature and Man Series

Nascita (Birth)

Okimono (Small Sculpture)

Moose Antler_Amber_Gold Leaf

4 1/2  x 2  x  1 1/4 in.   /   11  x  5  x  3  cm.


The Mother Raptor (symbolizing Clarity of thought, Vision, and Outward movement, wears a Monks Robe (introspection / contemplation). 

She opens her chest to reveal two children at Heart level, speaking to the Nature of Motherhood.   An all seeing eye at waist level represents the sensitivity and vigilance of the Mother over her children for their safety and care.

At the top of her head is an infinity spiral and tree elongated feathers representing Mind, Heart and Reproduction.

She stands bare footed.... grounded to the Earth.

From and overall perspective she can be seen as representing Earth and Sky all inclusive.

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